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What's Your Superpower?

I know what mine is. My superpower is making connections between people, things and ideas. I’m not a linear thinker. The connection points I see might not have occurred to you. Yet.

I’m future-driven, always focused on business process improvement, strategic, and trained as a child to be both keenly observant and quick at making assessments. A former boss taught me to first “play the chess game” and always examine a move (or situation) from all different directions; giving me multiple perspectives and possible outcomes to choose from before I act.

IThe people I partner and interact with (and I’m not talking primarily about candidates) are global citizens with diverse perspectives, all blazing new trails in the areas of building responsive organizations, facilitation, teaching digital fluency, strategy, innovation, product management, start-ups, IOT, consumer engagement, culture shaping, and talent management. This means I’m able to make even MORE connections between people, things and ideas that might not occur to everyone else.

You’ll have to take my word on this but the way I think is not the way a headhunter normally thinks. Hiring employees to move a business forward these days is complex and messy. It's not always linear or logical. It's a good thing my superpower is connecting people, things and ideas! I had to come up with something that addresses the way this headhunter views the talent acquisition process. I call the process we use at POV2050 "The Talent Ecosystem."

See the diagram below for proof that I’m a natural-born connector. I used a ruler but I’m still not a linear thinker…

So tell me: what’s your superpower?

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